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Friday, August 26, 2011

6 days left!!!

6 days left before i fly back to france..Actually, i'm quite nervous to go back to France..OMG,,nervous nervous..tak ready lagi nak balik sana.

My flight is on 2nd of September, 0120 a.m, if i'm not mistaken..I tak print pon lagi ticket tu. Betapa tak bersemangatnya nak balik France..='(

I'll arrive at Paris in the morning of 2nd september, then take a train to Lille. And my first class will start on 5th September. OMG, seriously i'm not ready yet for the class....

My new university name is IUT Lille A. I have to take two metros to reach that school from my apartment. 
Haah, one more thing, the Stadium of LOSC,the champion of French Ligue 1  last season,  is quite near to my university. It's just two metro station before my university station..But that club have a new stadium which is still under construction, and the new stadium is one of the stadium that will be used for EURO 2016. And i have no idea where is the new stadium. When i was at Lille before, after saw LOSC stadium,  i tried to visit the new stadium to see the construction progress  but someone told me that there's still no public transport to the new stadium because it's still under construction. So, i have no chance to see the new stadium till they finish the construction which is expected will be 100% done on 2012. Okay, enough about LOSC. 

I hope i'll pass an enjoyable two years time in Lille. I have went to Lille two times before i came back to Malaysia, and i found that it's a nice wonderful city. I fell in love with the city since my first step out from the train from Paris..hahhaa..I love its buildings, its people, its weather, its style,,everthings la about Lille..except their football club.

Next year, i'm not sure whether i wanna come back to Malaysia or not. Maybe i would spend my time for Olympic London 2012. Hehehe..

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

heyy UTP.

gile lama tak menaip disini..Banyak aktiviti gua sampai nak buka lappy pon sempat tak sempat je..

okay, sebenarnya gua nak bagitahu gua pergi jumpa kawan-kawan kat UTP. Gila gua seronok dapat jumpa dorang. Gua memang sayang gila kat UTP. Before gua fly êrgi study kat France, gua study kat UTP. Gua student batch JAN 10, gua masuk ngan result trial SPM. Memang dah cita-cita gua nak study kat UTP, so bila dah dapat offer tu, memang gua happy, bersyukur sangat-sangat. Tapi 3 bulan je gua kat sana. Bulan 4 gua keluar. Sedih gila nak tinggal UTP, kawan-kawan semua..=(

roommate kesayangan gua ni, Julie Dzulaiqha.

yang tiga orang ni sanggup datang dari UIA sebab nak melepas rindu.

Best sangat dapat berbuka sama-sama; terawih sama-sama.

okay next, moreh moreh.

Bagi ikan breakfast.

Berbuka di Marybrown, Ipoh parade.


Okay, gua dah nak blah, hantar g KTM Ipoh please.

I'm sure will visit them again next time.mmuahh mmuahh