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Thursday, July 14, 2011

au revoir colmar

Have you heard about Colmar? A small beautiful town in east of France.Yup, Colmar, Alsace.

I have stayed for 9 months in Colmar. First time I arrived here, I was like WTH is this place? It's just a small town. When I walked around the town, I found that in this town , there are no Galerie Lafayette, no Etam, no Jennyfer, no Zara, no Bershka, no levis store, no adidas store, no nike store, not Foot Locker, omg, where can I do some shopping??..Hahaa..That was what I thought when I arrived here. With a not-really-comfortable studio I have, and staying quiet far from school, I seriously thought that I'm not going to be happy living in this town.

But people says, ''tak kenal maka tak cinta''. After 9 months, now i'm gonna leave this town and i'm really sad to leave it. Yup, Colmar is just a small town, but it's very beautiful, and I have a lot of happy and enjoyable memory here. I met new people, I made new friends here, I learnt something new, I got new experiences, I saw many new things, I tried something new here.

Today is the last day I'm in Colmar. Tomorrow morning i'll go to Paris and then going back to Malaysia on 17th July. Then, when I come back to France on 2nd September, i'll directly go to Lille, my new place where i'm going to pass my 2 years time.

InsyaAllah, one day, i'll come again here, to Colmar for a visit. That time, I would not come here as a student, but as a tourist and I want to enjoy every single beautiful view in Colmar..=P

If you come to France, please try to visit Colmar. Maybe not everyone will like Colmar just like I like it, but I think, you will not regret seeing the beautiful and unique Colmar style. If you are a shopaholic, you can go shopping as many as you want in Paris, and then come to Colmar to enjoy seeing something beautiful. Hey, I want to tell you something, I dont like Paris. I dont like Paris's smell..

If you come to Colmar in December, there is a christmas market here every year. The christmas market or known as Marché Noel, is really typical Alsace. You can find marché noel in Colmar and Strasbourg. These two marché noel are the real one, marché noel in other place, in other town , are clon okkay..ahaa..But, it's really cold here in Colmar during winter. If you come during summer, omg, there are always so many tourist here. But, in summer, it's fucking hot here. I'll never come here again in summer.

 Gare de Colmar

Centre Ville

Maison des Têtes

Champ de Mars & Place Rapp

Petite Venise

Musée Unterlinden

Théâtre de Colmar

Musée Bartholdi

Cathédrale de Colmar

Au revoir Colmar!!


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