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Monday, June 6, 2011

one year anniversary.

okayy, today  6th june year ago, on the same date, i took 13 hours flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia to Charles de Gaulle Airport, France.

It  has been one year already i'm in France, away from my family, my friends, my scooter, away from my favourite food, nasi kerabu, away from cendol, away from pisang goreng etc.

Ermm,,one year in France, i've learnt a lot of things. Learnt to sleep alone, learnt to wake  myself up, learnt to cross the road confidently, learnt to take care of my own stuff [but failed. 2 handphones got stollen, one handphone went KO, bicycle got stollen], learnt to make chocolate cake n kek batik [failed, no one like cakes that i made], learnt to make tiramisu [this is a great success for me in making dessert], emm, whatelse?.haa, i have learnt to drink coffee without sugar..HAHHA

But there's still a lot of other things i need to learn. First and foremost, ''Natassha Maznan, you have to learn how to cook!!''..I wanna learn how to cook, but i dont know from who and from where i can learn. My friends said, ''just google the recipe, then try and error la''. I replied, ''what the fishhh!!, i have tried, and i failed. try and error didnt worked for me because it will always goes error''. Seriously i cant eat what i cooked. And if i try again, i know, nothing will change..But, if i heve some free time during next summer holidays, i'll learn to cook from my nenek. I promise myself...=P

I always think, if i could rewind the time, i would never accept the offer to come studying in France.I prefer to stay in Malaysia studying in UTP. But when i think again, if i didn't came to France, i would never learn those things. I have passed my one year here, so, i have to continue surviving  for another 5 years. InsyaAllah, the next 5 years life gonna be easy.

i got a message from my papa today, wishing me happy happy one year anniversary in France.=)..ahahaa..papa, i love you, i heart you damn much..I really miss him

''janji rock'' tu yang penting..ahahaa

seriously, i can't wait for 17th July. The 13 hours flight on 17th July will bring me back to my homeland!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


who love ultraman.?? ME!!
this entry is really merapu.Just wanna introduce my favourite ultraman..HAHAHA

my favourite ultraman is ultraman dyna..

if ultraman dyna is my number one hero, ultraman max is my hero number two..=D

this is my dyna and max collection.

little dyna..

say hello to my tough max.

hehhee, my dyna is smaller than my max.

rooney's hair

wayne rooney had a hair transplant...OMG!!i am extremely fucking excited to see his new hair!!AHHAAHA..

i wonder how would he looks like with his new hair..or maybe i should say, how would he looks with hair??..seriously, i can't imagine.

more handsome or uglier??

rooney,,,,,i wanna see your hair!!!

even though i'm not his fan, but i hope the 37 500 pounds action is worth doing.

but, actually, what's wrong with being bald??
I think, he just looks more like shrek with his bald head.that's all.