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Saturday, May 21, 2011


i love weekendsssssssS...HAHAHA..i think everyone love weekend.who do not love weekend??

i'm not always have's sad right??eemm, actually, i have but it start late..Usually, i have class on Saturday morning till thats mean my weekend start on saturday noon.And on Sunday, nothing else i can do than sleep and finish my homework.Shopping on Sunday?what a dream.All shops are closed here in Colmar on Sunday.Sunday is nothing.i prefer to have no class on Saturday and go to class on Sunday.

 On Saturday, when you
need to go to class when you actually should stay at home watching tv,
need to take a bus at 7.11 a.m on a day which you should stay on bed till 12 a.m,
need to put your brain on work, when actually you should thinking of nothing,
need to answer a lot of question when you actually should walking around in the town looking for new cloth,
what will yo feel??

but tomorrow, its not like the normal Saturday .you know why??because i have no class tomorrow..HOHOOHOHOH...
going to do some shopping tomorrow in Fribourg.Fribourg is a town in German, where i can found a lot of things cheaper than in France.
shopping on saturday.yeah!!!

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