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Friday, May 27, 2011


This week ,i got three test.

****electric exam
          last tuesday.
          [it was my final electrical exam]

****programming exam
           last wednesday(yesterday)
          [it was my final programming exam]
           ^^the exam made me wanna die

****math exam
          [nervous tahap babun nak exam]
           ^^gua tak suka chapter that will come out tomorrow.

next week, i'll have two test

****mechanic exam
          next friday morning
          [it will be my last mecanic exam and my last mechanic class]

****math analyse exam
           next friday afternoon
           [i hope i can score in that exam because i like the chapter that gonna come out]

the next, next week,

i dont know what test or exam i gonna have.But, i'm for sure gonna have another test.
maybe in treatment of signal, optic, or another test in,i have two different math teachers.**one of them is still young and handsome,HAHAHAHA**

 this week class timetable of mine.damn packed.

 next week timetable.yeah, public holiday on thursday.=D

next, next week.damn, electrical students and telecomunication students will have class on tuesday morning.But no class for us on wednesday afternoon.yeah.can have a long nap.hahaa

another public holiday..yeah..3 days weekends.=D

p/s: doing my math revision, my neighbours start making the normal friday night noise that they make everyweek..damn!!
cant concentrate.=(

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