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Saturday, May 7, 2011


my first phone i bought in France, Sony Ericsson Vivaz pro got stolen..i bought it in june 2010.a few days after i reached in France.

so, i bought another one, Blackberry Bold 9780.i bought it in december 2010 and it also got stolen.

then, i bought another one,Sony Xperia X8 in february 2011..this one didnt get stolen till now. But one day, i spilt my drinking water on it, and my phone go KO..damn!!stupid.

so, i have to buy another phone again!!!arghhh

today, 7 Mai 2011, i just bought another phone.white iphone 4.

i hope this one can last least for 1 year.HAHAA..
lets wait till Mai 2012.hahaa


i♥me said...

issh3..xtahu bapo butir enset nah mg ado..waaa,XPERIA X8!!!saye nyo!!!bkpo wat tupah air nyoh????rugi nk tawu dop ak lamo dh duk ita2 si xperia xleh2 lg sapa lownie..x mampu den!huhu

tasyachelsi said...

balik mesia 9t ak nk try g baiki la xperia tuhh..ahah