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Saturday, May 14, 2011

i need a rest!!

this few week, i felt little bit tired..tired thinking of electrical test was like sh*t..actually, it was simple enough, but i dont know why i cant perform well during the test.After test, suddenly got the idea and some imagination to solve the problem..OMG.i wanna be good in electric.(InsyaAllah.have to work harder on it.)
During class, it's not really hard to understand what the prof teach and explain.And if i got something that i didnt understand, some youtube channel and wikiversity help me a lot. Help me to understand.But when it came in test, i have nothing else to say than 'i'm fucked'..

that's for electric.For treatment of signal, what can i say is just 'what the fishhh'..i never taught electrical engineer need to be very tough in many calculation. But, even if those tiring me, i still think those subject are really interesting..HAHAHA.interesting and fun.Fun like watching Jambu in Maharaja lawak week 7..ahhaaa

Yesterday, just passed another test.Math test. I have no comment for that.Luckily jambu make me smile and forget about the stress..ahaha

p/s: i want summer to come faster....

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belogkiter said...

yes.. u really need a rest