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Friday, May 27, 2011


This week ,i got three test.

****electric exam
          last tuesday.
          [it was my final electrical exam]

****programming exam
           last wednesday(yesterday)
          [it was my final programming exam]
           ^^the exam made me wanna die

****math exam
          [nervous tahap babun nak exam]
           ^^gua tak suka chapter that will come out tomorrow.

next week, i'll have two test

****mechanic exam
          next friday morning
          [it will be my last mecanic exam and my last mechanic class]

****math analyse exam
           next friday afternoon
           [i hope i can score in that exam because i like the chapter that gonna come out]

the next, next week,

i dont know what test or exam i gonna have.But, i'm for sure gonna have another test.
maybe in treatment of signal, optic, or another test in,i have two different math teachers.**one of them is still young and handsome,HAHAHAHA**

 this week class timetable of mine.damn packed.

 next week timetable.yeah, public holiday on thursday.=D

next, next week.damn, electrical students and telecomunication students will have class on tuesday morning.But no class for us on wednesday afternoon.yeah.can have a long nap.hahaa

another public holiday..yeah..3 days weekends.=D

p/s: doing my math revision, my neighbours start making the normal friday night noise that they make everyweek..damn!!
cant concentrate.=(

Saturday, May 21, 2011


i love weekendsssssssS...HAHAHA..i think everyone love weekend.who do not love weekend??

i'm not always have's sad right??eemm, actually, i have but it start late..Usually, i have class on Saturday morning till thats mean my weekend start on saturday noon.And on Sunday, nothing else i can do than sleep and finish my homework.Shopping on Sunday?what a dream.All shops are closed here in Colmar on Sunday.Sunday is nothing.i prefer to have no class on Saturday and go to class on Sunday.

 On Saturday, when you
need to go to class when you actually should stay at home watching tv,
need to take a bus at 7.11 a.m on a day which you should stay on bed till 12 a.m,
need to put your brain on work, when actually you should thinking of nothing,
need to answer a lot of question when you actually should walking around in the town looking for new cloth,
what will yo feel??

but tomorrow, its not like the normal Saturday .you know why??because i have no class tomorrow..HOHOOHOHOH...
going to do some shopping tomorrow in Fribourg.Fribourg is a town in German, where i can found a lot of things cheaper than in France.
shopping on saturday.yeah!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

i need a rest!!

this few week, i felt little bit tired..tired thinking of electrical test was like sh*t..actually, it was simple enough, but i dont know why i cant perform well during the test.After test, suddenly got the idea and some imagination to solve the problem..OMG.i wanna be good in electric.(InsyaAllah.have to work harder on it.)
During class, it's not really hard to understand what the prof teach and explain.And if i got something that i didnt understand, some youtube channel and wikiversity help me a lot. Help me to understand.But when it came in test, i have nothing else to say than 'i'm fucked'..

that's for electric.For treatment of signal, what can i say is just 'what the fishhh'..i never taught electrical engineer need to be very tough in many calculation. But, even if those tiring me, i still think those subject are really interesting..HAHAHA.interesting and fun.Fun like watching Jambu in Maharaja lawak week 7..ahhaaa

Yesterday, just passed another test.Math test. I have no comment for that.Luckily jambu make me smile and forget about the stress..ahaha

p/s: i want summer to come faster....

Sunday, May 8, 2011


WARNING : dont read this entry or watch the videos, if  you are Man Utd fan, and if you dont like dirty words.

thank you.


Who the fuck are man united
who the fuck are man united
who the fuck are man united

Saturday, May 7, 2011


my first phone i bought in France, Sony Ericsson Vivaz pro got stolen..i bought it in june 2010.a few days after i reached in France.

so, i bought another one, Blackberry Bold 9780.i bought it in december 2010 and it also got stolen.

then, i bought another one,Sony Xperia X8 in february 2011..this one didnt get stolen till now. But one day, i spilt my drinking water on it, and my phone go KO..damn!!stupid.

so, i have to buy another phone again!!!arghhh

today, 7 Mai 2011, i just bought another phone.white iphone 4.

i hope this one can last least for 1 year.HAHAA..
lets wait till Mai 2012.hahaa

Thursday, May 5, 2011

electric shockkkk!!


damn nervous..chaiyok tasya!!

InsyaAllah, it's gonna be easy.n_n