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Friday, April 22, 2011


yeahhh,, i made another tiramisu bored is public holiday..dont know what to do..all the shops ion town are, i spent my time for tiramisu..yeah yeah...
wanna make it??its so simple..
this is my recipe.actually, not mine, senior taught me to make it..thanks senior..=D

mascarpone,crème anglaise or English cream , boudoirs biscuits and chocolate..thats all..=)
ahh,,and dont forget some coffee..

place the mascarpone an english cream in a bowl..and then, stir them till you get a mixture just like in the pic.

get a tray, and arrange the boudoirs biscuits properly..then, bath them with coffee..
dont pour too much coffee..i usually used a spoon to bath the biscuits..a full table spoon of coffee for each single biscuits..=P

then put on a layer of the mix of the cream and the mascarpone..

then put the layer of boudoirs can make the layer as many as you want..but make sure the last layer is the layer of mascarpone and the english cream..

lastly, put the chocolate on top..

now, your tiramisu is ready to be place in your fridge..

i dont know exactly how long you should keep it in fridge..but me, usually, i let my tiramisu in fridge for 24 hours before i enjoy it..=P


do you know the history of t-i-r-a-m-i-s-u.

a long long time ago, during the war times in Italy, a man will go out and fight in the war.His wife, prepared him some food. She dipped some biscuits in coffee and  gave them to his husband.
The man left house and ready to fight for country.

When he ate the food that his wife gave,  his fighting spirit is raised up..

thats how TIRAMISU got its name..
 tira mi su in italian means raised up..
something like, you raised me up or i raised you not sure..hahaa..
but the story is kinda like that la..hahaaa
sweet right??=P



Julie Dzulaiqha said...

wow.. its such a great thing of u! really good in cooking. pls, teach me how to make tiramisu? i wanna learn it and do it myself too. hahahaha

tasyachelsi said...

you just go buy some need to learn...hahhaa