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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Me, since high school, i did not like chemistry.Dont know why..maybe i was not born for that subject.I like to learn about atom, their shape,their s p f g shell, their bonding,hybridization and anything about atom.But when its about solution, mole calculation, acidity, alkaline and what so ever related to that, i found that chemistry is really not a subject for me,especially when all is about organic chemistry..OMG, i wanna run away from chemistry.
Till now i still not fall in love with chemistry but i like my chemistry lecturer, Mr.Lassalle.Since my first class with him.He is funny la..i likeeee him.His special expressions, his whistle,his jokes, everything la. But our class with him ended already..And now my class learn Organic chemistry with new lecturer. But not me..yeahhh!!!..Electrical engineering student dont have to take that subject..yuhhuuu!!finally i can keep my life tranquil from chemistry.But we gonna miss Mr. Lassalle, the best prof.

Au revoir Monsieur Lassale..n_n.


pinqy taraturuu said...

dear sys..
hehhe chemistry superb laa~
sib bek skor mase spm~
btw jeles nyeww dpt study obersea..
nak ikut gak bolee~

tasyachelsi said...

suke chemistry ye??
study oversea ke tak, same je..iA you pon kalau ad rrezeki boleh study oversea..=)