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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

allez schalke!!

First half,

Manuel Neuer got my bow..He is amazing...He saved so many balls..

But second half,,,,argghhh
two goals in three!!

fu*k **f  monkey united.

shittty shrek, i hate you!!!!!!

but , schalke not really strong in that game..the monkeys got the chance to conquer the game..

but Manuel Neuer,you are still great,.

ryan gigs, i admit that you are a legend in football..but sorry, i cant stop hating your team.
== once a blue, forever a blue.and we hate Man U, ==

come on schalke for the away match..please make the monkeys cry at old trafford.
°°but it's hard to beat them at old trafford°°

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kemei said...

amboi....lawa pic2 dia..keep it up..