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Thursday, April 28, 2011

mango jeruk.

i'm in bad mood lately..and easily  got headache.
so, i asked my friend, julie dzulaiqha,

me :  other than take some medicine, what people always eat when they get a headache?

julie : they eat jeruk

me : okay, i'll make some jeruk tomorrow.


And today, i made it..hohohoho
Homemade mango jeruk by tasya.yeahh..

I never make my own jeruk before.This is the first time i make it.Just try and error.

How i made it??
Like this...

I bought some mangos.

washed it, and peeled its skin.and then i sliced it

i washed it again, and put some salt, put some sugar.

then, i left it in fridge

HAHAHAA..that's how i made my jerukk..

Actually i dont know how to make jeruk..can somebody teach me how to make it?
what mango should i used? much sugar and salt should i put??

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

l'aventure de l'électricité..=)

here are a few photos of my visit to an electric museum in Mulhouse..everything about electric rockkkk!!!yeah..

electrical engineer rock!!=D

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

allez schalke!!

First half,

Manuel Neuer got my bow..He is amazing...He saved so many balls..

But second half,,,,argghhh
two goals in three!!

fu*k **f  monkey united.

shittty shrek, i hate you!!!!!!

but , schalke not really strong in that game..the monkeys got the chance to conquer the game..

but Manuel Neuer,you are still great,.

ryan gigs, i admit that you are a legend in football..but sorry, i cant stop hating your team.
== once a blue, forever a blue.and we hate Man U, ==

come on schalke for the away match..please make the monkeys cry at old trafford.
°°but it's hard to beat them at old trafford°°


Without you, i'm a pencil without lead. Pointless

Monday, April 25, 2011

i love asian

i'm an Asian girl, from Malaysia.and im so glad to be an know why??because asian people are so nice, so kind, so friendly,n so lovely..ILOVEASIAN..yeahhhh!!


I went to Mulhouse, a town in the east of France, visited my professor, and some famous museum in the town like the famous automobile museum..

my professor, Nicole.

lovely chocolate for her.

Mulhouse Electric museum.
automobile museum.
But its not about my prof nor the museums that i want to write.i wanna write about the asian people that i met..For dinner, my friends and i went to a chinese thailand restaurant..All their staff are asian..Chefs, waiters, waitress are asians, and of course la their taukey is also asian..while we were chosing our main plate, one of the waiter came to our table and asked us if we need an english menu card. i said "no", but my friend asked if he can have a chinese menu card, then suddenly the waiter talked to my friends in chinese..arggghh, i didnt understand what they talked about.But then another waoter came and asked where we came from.Luckily he asked in, i said we came from Malaysia..OHHH!!!malaysia!!!we are asian men..yeahh..

The waiter asked me, why there are so many malaysian in mulhouse this week.A few days ago, there was a group of malaysian came to their restaurant, but they didnt speak French well..i told them maybe they came visiting Mulhouse cause i heard one group of students from malaysia came to Mulhouse. 
they asked me and my friends, what we are doing in mulhouse, why we stay in France, what we study here, how long we will stay in France, and etc.
they asked also about our petronas twin tower, have we visit Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, etc.
they asked what language we speak in Malaysia. I said we speak Malay. Then, the boss of the restaurant asked, "In Malaysia, people speak English too right??And Malay language is same as Indonesian language right?"..Me, "yup, we speak English too, but our language is not same to indonesian. they are just similar..=P"

While we eating, they came asking if the food is okay or not, they came to help us took some picture, came to joke around..
Joking with them like we knew each other for more than 1 years  but actually we just met an hour ago.
Asian are so friendly,..yeahh, i love asian.
Asian love asian.!!

dapat makan longan and rambutan.rasa macam nak menanges.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Me, since high school, i did not like chemistry.Dont know why..maybe i was not born for that subject.I like to learn about atom, their shape,their s p f g shell, their bonding,hybridization and anything about atom.But when its about solution, mole calculation, acidity, alkaline and what so ever related to that, i found that chemistry is really not a subject for me,especially when all is about organic chemistry..OMG, i wanna run away from chemistry.
Till now i still not fall in love with chemistry but i like my chemistry lecturer, Mr.Lassalle.Since my first class with him.He is funny la..i likeeee him.His special expressions, his whistle,his jokes, everything la. But our class with him ended already..And now my class learn Organic chemistry with new lecturer. But not me..yeahhh!!!..Electrical engineering student dont have to take that subject..yuhhuuu!!finally i can keep my life tranquil from chemistry.But we gonna miss Mr. Lassalle, the best prof.

Au revoir Monsieur Lassale..n_n.

Friday, April 22, 2011


yeahhh,, i made another tiramisu bored is public holiday..dont know what to do..all the shops ion town are, i spent my time for tiramisu..yeah yeah...
wanna make it??its so simple..
this is my recipe.actually, not mine, senior taught me to make it..thanks senior..=D

mascarpone,crème anglaise or English cream , boudoirs biscuits and chocolate..thats all..=)
ahh,,and dont forget some coffee..

place the mascarpone an english cream in a bowl..and then, stir them till you get a mixture just like in the pic.

get a tray, and arrange the boudoirs biscuits properly..then, bath them with coffee..
dont pour too much coffee..i usually used a spoon to bath the biscuits..a full table spoon of coffee for each single biscuits..=P

then put on a layer of the mix of the cream and the mascarpone..

then put the layer of boudoirs can make the layer as many as you want..but make sure the last layer is the layer of mascarpone and the english cream..

lastly, put the chocolate on top..

now, your tiramisu is ready to be place in your fridge..

i dont know exactly how long you should keep it in fridge..but me, usually, i let my tiramisu in fridge for 24 hours before i enjoy it..=P


do you know the history of t-i-r-a-m-i-s-u.

a long long time ago, during the war times in Italy, a man will go out and fight in the war.His wife, prepared him some food. She dipped some biscuits in coffee and  gave them to his husband.
The man left house and ready to fight for country.

When he ate the food that his wife gave,  his fighting spirit is raised up..

thats how TIRAMISU got its name..
 tira mi su in italian means raised up..
something like, you raised me up or i raised you not sure..hahaa..
but the story is kinda like that la..hahaaa
sweet right??=P