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Saturday, March 26, 2011

tired tired.

what the fucking busy weeks i no time to keep my blog updated..pity my blog.
busy with exams and class ..can you all imagine, my class start at 8 and end at 18..i have to take the bus at 7.22 in the morning, and usually, i arrive home around 7 pm every evening.and i also have class on saturday morning.hello!!its weekend and i have to attend my class...damn!!

my routine, 
1.wake up soooo early in the morning [sunrise is around 6.30am, so i hav to wake up early for subuh.*luckily, we goin' to adjust the hour, sunrise will be around 7.30 like that.=P]
2.attend my class.
3.lunch break at 12pm till 14pm.
4.oh,, class again till 18pm.
5.return home around 19pm.
6.finish my homework/ study if i have exam the next day.
7.0030am sleep...zzzZZZ.
8.repeat again the step from number 1.

boring routine right??..i skipped  my volleyball trainning 2 times.tired and too busy with class, exam and homework..this what i mostly do every week.but last two weeks that i passed were more tiring bcoz of exam.i didn't even have time to call my parents or sent any message to them on fb..sorry papa, sorry mama..

i wanna go back to malaysia...lepakking with friends and my lovely scooter..
can't wait for summer holidays.

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i♥me said...

owww,patut la lamow xupdate!letih ak nunggu..hehe