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Thursday, March 3, 2011

reply me please!!

tasya, n rileks okayy..

uwaaaaa,,,im waiting for an email from ************ the ******* that i admire since long time ago..
please gives me a positive answer..please!!!!

i hav been waiting for an hour..why took so long tyme to reply me ??..uarghhh

chill tasya, cool..
maybe  ************ is thinking for the best answer..or maybe  ************ is already slept right now...
i'll give ************ 1 day to think and give me the answer..if i get no response by 6pm tomorrow or if the answer is negative, i'll be truly dissapointed..n will start trying to forget ************..

but how can i forget u,  ************

dear ************,
song for u.

dan bila kau menghilang,
musnah la, musnah impian
tuk menggapai bintang,
terangi hidup ku,
ku mahu kau tahu
engkaulah destinasiku
dalam ingatanku...
oh oh oh..


farasakura said...

gapo nii..bercintan cintun keerrr XD

tasyachelsi said...

later i tell u...ahahaa