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Thursday, March 3, 2011


in our life, we have to face a lot of obstacles, problems and hardships.
love problem, misunderstanding with friends, fed up with work, stress, money problem, get bored with study and etc.

but thats what we call is not always perfect; not always wonderful and lovely like the fairy tales stories.
those problems make us appreciate our life
"you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince."
means that you have able to face a lot of hardships before you meet your happiness.

me, i do not love problems,but its okay for me to live with them..hardships make me stronger,problems have solutions,,but one thing that give me the real problem is
when i see hypocrites.

what can i do??
i cant change them.

 some people do not realise that they are hypocrite."hipokrit tanpa sedar" or maybe "ter-hipokrit".

dear some people, if u choose to be hypocrite and want others praise u, go on with that, but please never get caught..its embarassing okayy..what a fucking shame!!

i like this quote.
hypocrisy: a lie in action-the legacy of indecency

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