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Sunday, March 27, 2011

France stereotypes

After i read an entry  about KOREA (here), suddenly i also want to write about FRANCE.
ahaaha..But i got no time.Now, i have some free time, so i write it...=P

what do you know about FRANCE?..Eiffel Tower?,La Louvre?, Eiffel Tower?, Zinedine Zidane?..
wanna know the streotypes of french people?

Yuckss,they eat frogs??Yup, they eat frogs and snails..If you are a cheesse lover, it doesn't mean that you will love their cheese too.Their smell was erkk,,,*dont know how to explain*.But i love their cheese,*but not a lot*.i take a small slice of cheese every day,hoping that it can help me to become taller..=P..Next, about French food.French food is delicious..But i still didn't have tried a lot of their food.Student like me have no enough money to eat French food everyweek or even everymonth...But please take my advice, if you come to France, try to eat their food, i mean French food..Dont just simply go to Mcdonald, or others fast food restaurant..You will regret if you come to France but do not even try one of their food.Next stereotype is Croissant. Croissant is nice for breakfast..I love croissant.But my friend told me croissant in Italy is better than in France. I dont know, never try croissant Italy.=P..But what im sure is baguette is nice. I like it..Now, i think i like sandwixh baguette more than American sandwich. When i go back to Malaysia soon, im not sure whether i can eat gardenia bread or not..=P..But i will never reject 'roti canai'.Malaysian food is the best.I think, French Chef also will fall in love with Malaysian food.OMG, i miss home, i miss Malaysian food..
 Next fact, actually french fries is from Belgium.The belgium made the snacks, but the french got the name..

About the bussiness and job, its true that men got better place than women.Men's income are higher than women even if both are in the same level.."holala" or "oh lala" or "oh laaa" are the expressions they used to say.

Ermm,,Eiffel Tower?everyone now about that famous monumen.But for me, if you go to Paris and visit Eiffel Tower, you might be dissapointed.Nothing special.Just a tower.No romantic feeling like in the movies.What i suggest is, visit the tower at night and go up the tower. At least you go to the second floor to feel the real feeling of the romanticism of Eiffel.But there are always long queue at the entrance.If you are lucky, maybe it will not take so long time to enter..That's just my opinion based on my experience.Differrent people different way.

do you found what is interesting with Eiffel Tower by seeing the pic??Absolutely, nothing interesting.

But the view from the tower is really beautiful.Do you wanna know what i hope i can do in the tower?..I want to spend 4 hours with my Mr.Right in the tower by just sit next to each other, enjoy the view and talk about our future..Ahahah...gediksss!!!

The stereotype about french women do not shave, i have no comment.What a funny stereotype.ahahaa..I never saw a women who do not shave here.But yup , many of them are gorgeous..Hahah..French really dont like to take bath.Its normal if they go to school or work with the same cloth they wore the day before.AHAHA..

French are rude??I dont think so.i think they are more polite than Englishman.French people are so friendly, they love to smile to you, and helpful..I love their way of live.Nice to all..But of course there are some who are rude.Rude people, you can found them everywhere in this world.

Petangue is actually not played in all places in France.Usually, it is played by the peolpe in the south of France.The weather is hotter there, so the people can spend most of theit time outside and they can play petangue..ahaha

Those person who are mentioned in this video actually not the French. But people always think that they are French.No, they just stayed in France but didnt born in France.

I love France and French..If you wanna come studying or staying in France, just come..Its a nice place..


KampungChelsea said...

fan chelsea ? glad to know u more & more...

Julie Dzulaiqha said...

hoi. what thing they didnt shave?haha

tasyachelsi said...

just a few days after i posted this entry, i found a girl who didnt shave..see the video la if u wanna know they didnt shave what...hahhaha