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Saturday, March 5, 2011

football marathon.

i watched 5 football match today..just watching not playing but damn tired...ahaha..
not tired physically but emotionally..ahahaa..

which game i watched??,,

1. Pelita Jaya FC vs Sriwijaya
safee scored!!
*i had the chance watch safee's first goal..ahahaa

2. Birmingham vs West Brom
*i dont know why i watched those club played..
found the channel and glued to the tv..ahahaa..simple reason.

3. Arsenal vs Sunderland
*really hoped that sunderland would win the game but ended with draw is already ok..=)...
at least gunners gained olny 1 point..HAHAA

4.  Man City vs Wigan 
*hoped that man city would lose, but they won..actually, wigan can grab 1 point..sammon had the chance to score during extra time..but he missed it..='(

5.Juventus vs AC Milan
*i watched 1st half only..

football marathon day..from Indonesia to UK and then to Italy football league..
no wonder i was damn tired..HAHA

gonna sleep for a whole day tomorriow..wanna wake up for Liverpool vs Man United then, back to sleep..

football for life!!..n_n

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