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Sunday, February 13, 2011

musical theater..

i went to a theater todayyyy...watched 'le lac des cygnes' a.k.a swan lake...perfomed by the ballet of the opéra national du Rhin...
what a fucking nice ballet dance!!!!

we are not allowed to take any photo during the theater..the pics that i upload here were copied from the official website of the performance group...

i want to ask you all real men do ballet.??what do you think???

for me, why not..male ballet dancer are cool...ahahaa..
they are gentlemen with a nice body and beautiful long legs that make them look sexy..AHAHAA..
i'm in love with male ballet dancer right now...=P

from the starting till the end of the show, i can't take my eyes off of a guy dancer..i already tried looking for his picture, but couldn't find, can't show you all his pic...=(

le lac des cygnes..
a complicated love story..

heyyy,,, i found the pic of the guy that i like..

HAHAHAA..i think this is the guy..
actually, i'm not really sure because i didn't get the best seat for watching the theater..
but i think maybe he is the guy that i like..=P

this ballet dancer has a very veryyyy long beautiful legs..

the female dancers...

my ticket..only 5€..

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