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Sunday, February 27, 2011


allez allez l'OL!!!

tasya likes olympique lyon...before you read this post, listen to this OL official song first..ahaha..

i went to the stadium of gerland last week to watch the game between OL and real madrid..
what a fucking nervous feeling i had before reached the town, Lyon..that time, what i thought was just,
'wahhhh, i'm gonna see cristiano ronaldo,xabi alonso, karim benzema play in front of my eyes.'

but i'm a l'OL supporter kayy..
qui ne saute pas n'est pas lyonnais!!
qui ne saute pas
qui ne saute pas
qui ne saute pas n'est pas lyonnais!!!

moi, je suis lyonnaise!!!

60 € for the ticket.

free kick for real madrid.taken by CR.

allez allez l'OL!!

OL's lovers..

L'OL,,i wanna see you play in quarter, please make real madrid cry at Bernabeu.
next match~ 16 march.

hohoho..OL collection

p/s: i like OL but chelsea is the club that rules my heart..ahahaa

Saturday, February 26, 2011

3 idiots!!

woke up around 10 something, and didnt know what to do..emm,,lets start the day by reading the news..i like to read le of newspaper in france..then, i opened youtube and had no idea to search for what video...emmm,,ha!!..lets watch 3 idiots..

yaaa..3 idiots!!!

love the movie damn's really inspired me..wahahaaa...
all is well..
all is well..
all is well..

enjoy your study keyhh...
be what you wanna be...

follow excellence and success will chase you..
great quote..

Sunday, February 20, 2011

christophe maé..

christophe maé

one of my favourite french singer..

i like his voice.

p/s: pause the mixpod first before you play this video.
christophe maé's new song.=)


j'ai passé bien trop de temps
à vouloir la trouver
elle est arrivée comme une enfant
plus la peine de la chercher
madame et ses belles phrases ohh
se font désirer
et mon coeur lui est abimé
à l'idée de ne pas la toucher

envie d'elle
c'est ma plus belle nuit, ma lune de miel
envie d'elle
ma femme, je ferais d'elle

alors oui je laisse courir la rumeur
pour ne pas tomber
j'ouvre mon coeur
alors oui je laisse mourir la rumeur
pour ne pas sombrer
j'attends mon heure

on dit d'elle
qu'elle est heureuse
mais certainement pas comblée
qu'elle serait un peu trop capricieuse
un cadeau empoisonné
je n'entends rien, je la vois belle
mari a ses côtés
je n'y peux rien
je suis fou d'elle
je ne peux quand même pas la laisser

envie d'elle
c'est ma plus belle nuit
ma lune de miel
envie d'elle
madame, je ferais d'elle

alors oui je laisse courir la rumeur
pour ne pas tomber j'ouvre mon coeur huummmm
eh bien oui je laisse mourir la rumeur
pour ne pas sombrer
j'attends mon heure

mais je sais qu'un jour elle viendra
alors je ne baisserais pas les bras non
en attendant je fais les 100 pas
et finis par me dire tout bas

laisse courir la rumeur
oui, laisse courir
pour ne pas, pour ne pas sombrer
attends ton heure
pour ne pas tomber
ouvre ton coeur

alors, moi
oui je laisse courir la rumeur (laisse courir la rumeur)
pour ne pas tomber, j'ouvre mon coeur
et bien oui je laisse mourir la rumeur
pour ne pas sombrer
j'attends, j'attends mon heure

mais oserais-je lui dire qu'elle est 
mon avenir pour le meilleur et le pire

elle est mon avenir oserais-je lui dire

pour ne pas, pour ne pas sombrer
ell est mon avenir pour le meilleur et le pire
humm moi je laisse courir

elle est mon avenir oserais je lui dire
ohhh pour ne pas, pour ne pas tomber
elle est mon avenir pour le meilleur et le pire
elle est mon avenir oserais-je lui dire

Saturday, February 19, 2011

we are totally fucked..

what a day..
totally frustrated with the game..

lost to Everton..we r out from FA cup...what the fishhh la...

ancelotti, if you dont want  to say goodbye to the club, please do something,,fixxxxxxxx it.
dont just said; " penalty is lottery, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose..."

okayy he was right.. that's football..sometimes you win, sometimes you lose..
but when you are out from a cup, there is something wrongggg!!!

but chelsea fans will always with the team..we love chelsea
damn much..KTBFFH!!!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1

p/s; wtching man u vs crawly, suddenly heard the  french commentator on tv said, "chelsea éliminé!!",,uarghhhh!!!! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

new diet..=P

to stay healthy and become slimmer, i decided to practic a new diet..

**multiple the amount of broccoli i used to take..eventhough i hate chlorophyll, but i'll try to love know why??because broccoli can fight wrinkles..younger-looking forever.=P

**try to love potatoes..potatoes can help fight heart disease by keeping blood pressure low..

**avocados..with the high monounsaturated fat, it helps flatten our belly..=P

**and to add up calcium for my bones, starting from now, no more nuttela with bread..just cheese with baguette..i love baguette..calcium, please make me taller..=D

Sunday, February 13, 2011

musical theater..

i went to a theater todayyyy...watched 'le lac des cygnes' a.k.a swan lake...perfomed by the ballet of the opéra national du Rhin...
what a fucking nice ballet dance!!!!

we are not allowed to take any photo during the theater..the pics that i upload here were copied from the official website of the performance group...

i want to ask you all real men do ballet.??what do you think???

for me, why not..male ballet dancer are cool...ahahaa..
they are gentlemen with a nice body and beautiful long legs that make them look sexy..AHAHAA..
i'm in love with male ballet dancer right now...=P

from the starting till the end of the show, i can't take my eyes off of a guy dancer..i already tried looking for his picture, but couldn't find, can't show you all his pic...=(

le lac des cygnes..
a complicated love story..

heyyy,,, i found the pic of the guy that i like..

HAHAHAA..i think this is the guy..
actually, i'm not really sure because i didn't get the best seat for watching the theater..
but i think maybe he is the guy that i like..=P

this ballet dancer has a very veryyyy long beautiful legs..

the female dancers...

my ticket..only 5€..

Friday, February 11, 2011

milk your diet!!!

calorie count sent me an email,,,

Milk Your Diet
  • The evidence links a higher intake of milk and milk products with improved bone health, especially in children and adolescents.  Consuming milk is also linked to lower blood pressure and reduced risks of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • The dietary guidelines recommend 3 cups a day – or 3 1-cup equivalents - of low-fat or fat-free milk and milk products.  A 1-cup equivalent is 1 cup of milk or yogurt, 1.5 ounces of processed cheese, or 2 ounces of hard cheese.
  • Add one more cup of low-fat or fat-free milk every day, rounding out your intake with yogurt and/or cheese.  You can have milk straight up, easily add it to oatmeal or a smoothie, or pour in your coffee.  Most of us get only 1 serving of milk a day instead of the 3 servings we need. 

i love milk...hohohoh..susususususu

j'aime le lait d'ici!!!
i like this milk..=D

you all know why i love this milk??because this is the cheapest milk i can get..hahaaha

i have milk with cereal every morning, a cup of milk and a natural yogurt 
every evening..
and another cup of milk before i sleep..
good...i get enough calcium everyday...

strong bones, strong teeth, strong girl!!!=P 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

pimkie t-shirts for bloggers

look what i found!!...nice t-shirt from pimkie's from spring 2011 collection..last time when i went to pimkie store in colmar, i didn't notice this design..but it's okay..i'll go to pimkie store again tomorrow after 
math class..=P

i'll buy this for farasakura ..=)

another one t-shirt for blogger..

all these blogger t-shirts are from pimkie. ^spring2011 collection^

also from spring 2011 collection.
ahaa,, i already have this one..i bought it for chinese new year dinner..RED colour maa..ahahaaa

Sunday, February 6, 2011

chelsea vs liverpool

4-1-2-1-2 formation..
chelsea line up

1 Petr Cech

17 Jose Bosingwa

2 Branislav Ivanovic 

26 John Terry (c)

3 Ashley Cole
12 John Mikel Obi
5 Michael Essien
8 Frank Lampard
39 Nicolas Anelka
9 Fernando Torres
11 Didier Drogba

Subs: 22 Ross Turnbull, 19 Paulo Ferreira, 4 David Luiz, 46 Josh McEachran, 55 Jacopo Sala, 15 Florent Malouda, 21 Salomon Kalou.

1st half, it was a boring boooring boringgg game..maybe bcause of too much expected from torres..but luckly maxi didnt know how to kick a ball..he missed a great opportunity...pity liltle liverfool boy.

but,,2nd half,
torres out 65' then meireles scored at 68'!!

and with my streaming went down,,i had enough.. damn fucked!!

and the game ended with chelsea nil, liverfool 1

with the unconsistent result, i think chelsea should stop dreaming of being epl champion..10 points behind Monkey United..quite far..
they should focus on champion league n FA cup..

but chelsea will always rule my heart and my soul...KTBFFH!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

the losers deserved it!

newcastle vs arsenal        4-4
wolverhampton vs manchester united    2-1

oh la la...quelle bon surprise!!!

oh man united, i love you la was a great loose..thanks!! many games before, that monkey united won with the help of referee..but today, poor ref for helping them..hahahaaa
wolves did a good gooood goooood job...thumbs up for you wolves!!

and of course thumbs down for you monkeys!!

for arsenal, the result was really really unbelievable...what a fucking surpise...(^_^)..HAHAHAA
the score was 0-4 at half time but what a super strategies newcastle used on the second half time..wuhuuuu,,,what a great dramatic result for arsenal...

peace for you the gunners...chill yaa poor guys..=P

and tomorrow, wait for the result CHELSEA vs LIVERPOOL.

oh double winners,,please prove that you are the real winner..
you rule my heart and soul..cmon the bluesss!!!

L for Loser, L for Liverpool!!!

une grande différence..

une femme qui fait la cuisine,,c'est son boulot!!
[a woman who cooks, it's her job]

un homme qui fait un plat, c'est un héros!!
[a man who makes a dish, he is a hero]

sometimes, this world is unfair.

Friday, February 4, 2011

diet plan..

say no to fried food!!!grill it, bake it, broil it, steam it, just don't fry it..
stay away from french fries..

stick to lean protein and veggies after 6pm...avoid carbohydrates..
eeii,,but i don't eat veggies..i hate chlorophyll..

choose unprocessed food..try to find fresh more nugget,no more fish fillet,
no more salmon steak and etc..

chaiyokk!!!work your plan tasya...HAHAA

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


when nothing goes right, go left!!

I'm tired of being tired!!!
^^"ahaa,,everyone is tired.just ignore it and continue your life"^^

but i'm also tired of ignoring my tiredness. 
the conclusion is i'm tired of my life!!!
tired to live my life.

emmm now,
i want to sleep to make me free a while from this  fucking tired tiredness.

what the fishhhh we need to be tired??