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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


today, we learned about
"l'amitié" a.k.a friendship.who is our real friend actually?.my teacher, GIOVANNA said that we maybe have thousands of friends but how many real friends we have?maybe the number of our real friends is less than the number of the fingers that we have in our right might be 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, or 0..,,now try u count how many real friends u hav..n if u hav more than what u hav in ur right hand, u r so lucky!!!!

et moi, j'ai vraiment de la chance parce que j'ai beaucoup de vrais amis. n'êtes pas jaloux avec moi.
ahahaaa,,,,j'aime beaucoup mes amis et je sais qu'ils m'aiment aussi.
mes amis,,,,je vous aime vraiment..........mmmuahhhh..

5 years in SCIPP..i learned the real meaning of "l'amitié"
3 months in UTP, who knows that i can found another vrais amis in that short time
6 weeks in INTEC, i found nothing but in that time i learned to appreciate every single "l'amitié" that i hav made.
4 months in france, i think i hav found already who i can declare as mes vrais amis.

org kata xsmua org perfect n xsmua kwn boleh jd perfect utk kita.yup btol!!
but my friends skalian, korng dah ckup perfect bg ak..snggup dngar problem ak, bley buat ak snyum n ktawa, brani tgur ak time ak clap, nsihat ak, respect prinsip ak, 2 da kre ckup perfect bg ak..n ak akn cuba utk jd seperfect yg boleyh utk korng,,=)

p/s ; nk sgt mention n upload gamba2 mreka kt cni but i hav to finish my homework now.chiao2!!!..mes amis, korng taw korng spe?,,kalo kamoo terase, btol la 2 kamoo is mon ami.

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